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For all the cows..
dude di dili man go
hey yall sorry havent been writing as much as i should like all you peeps have you know ell yeah sorry and junk yeah i am so bored i am writing this to you at SCHOOL.... yall are probablly like wow at school do they even allow that yeah my school does you know as long as its not illegal<--- sorry if i speeled it wrong you know aint much of a speeling bee type person---> well yeah you know oh and kerropi rules and bunny rabbits and mushrooms
ok for those who want to see me!!
ThI s is M e!!!

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mini pro

Age. 28
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. fillipino
Location , WA
School. Other
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uh huh!!
Saturday. 10.29.05 3:48 pm
dont you just lovemy weblog subjects??!!??? well so how has everyone been!!!??? me im doing good im finally in hingh school cus washingtons school district is hella screwed up!! n im singel again!!! well yah if any yall wanna hola at a girl then my aim is babisweetissa44 its always avaiable to any new people!!

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YoUp iM sTIll AlOne
Wednesday. 12.15.04 12:59 pm
hEy eVeRyOnE ItS Me AgAiN StIlL wAiTiNg fOr tHaT nE yOu KnOW wHO iM talkiNG abOut. ok well im tired of writing like that so yeah well i hope all yall have a wonderful x-mas. still there is still a whole lot of drama

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yes IM alo0 nE
Friday. 1.16.04 9:06 pm
YeS Im aLo0Ne and it suckd becuase i just dumped my boifriend the day before yesterday and i feel so badits sucks really bad (uH oH wElL I wAnNA gO ouT WiTh jHoN tHe nEw kId At mY sChOoL hE Is sO CUtE)

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hey hey
Saturday. 11.22.03 6:04 pm
hey whats crackin homies yeah havent wrote in a while cus been doing my xanga site too you know so yeah well write to yall l8ers

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wow coolie o
Wednesday. 11.12.03 2:31 pm
hye sorry i havent been talking to my visitors lately but you know how it is school and junk well yeah well i had a fun time on the 7th of november well at least my friends did because i was being such a cluts that day beucase i had bumped into so many things and almost knocked down a kid because i hit them because i was walking backwards and junk and this was a t seattle and i was meking my self seem like i was really stupid you know it was so messed up well yeah you know seattle is the coolest place to live!!!!! oh and we went to universtiy of washington to watch their volleyball team play against oregon ducks which we beated the buts like so bad wow you just dont knoe!!!!....!!!! (/) (. .) , , )o bunny rabbits are awesome wow they are the coolest and so are pandas but i dont know how to make a pic of them like the bunny... hehehehehe=)

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Sunday. 10.26.03 11:31 am
WeLl know One IS taLking To me aNd i gue sS Its aLl Becau SE im nEw.!.!.!.!.!

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